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  • Introduction
  • Insight the needs, Discover the blue ocean and Extend the sustainable niche.

    With sustainable management, advanced technology, and innovation, OST is able to discover the Blue Ocean market tactic continuously, hence define our ultimate goal of intelligence, innovation and service.
    • Wisdom of people –Combine intelligence, develop advanced technology and nurture irreplaceable professional team.
    • Leading the innovation – Surpass competitors, continue invention, and create different values.
    • Customer focused – Listen to clients, insight the needs, and offer customization service.

    We have been dedicated to international markets, and focused on biomedical engineering, green energy, personal healthcare and home care safety. In order to establish our advantages worldwide and frame out the red ocean strategy, we continuously develop innovated and advanced products.

    To sustain and further extend the blue ocean strategy, OST uses elite leaders to guide and train employees to gain an independent and global perspective. Through positive conversation and interaction, we motivate the creativity, imagination and working potential of the employees, and effectively aggregate their wisdoms to create more possibilities.