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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environment friendly and humanity caring, taken from people and feedback 

    In spite of biomedical engineering, green energy, home security and health care managements, or technology in future life experiences, OST is searching for the wonderful future that people are capable to create, in other words, caring for the humanity is what helps us keep going. 

    People and the environment have an unbreakable bound no matter how developed technology is. Therefore, we believe that protecting the ecosystem is far more important than company development. From product design to manufacture, it is important for us to illuminate anything that could harm the environment.

    With our own strength, we invite everyone to participate in different charities and public welfares. The reason is that companies rely most of the resources on society and the environment, therefore OST hopes that we can pay it back to society, and nurture this land that we are living in and protect it from any harm.

    Industry-university cooperation, supporting the young

    With our industry-university cooperate project, not only does it help the students and the industry to develop, but also to integrate the school’s resources with OST's technology development and research, and share the results. We cooperate with the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Chiao Tung University and provide scholarship “Taiwan Medical Dragon Project” for students at National Yang-Ming University, in hope to combine clinical researches with our technology and develop more accurate health monitor systems.